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Global Technology Advisory Group was founded with a goal of becoming a single-source provider of Telecommunication Solutions for companies and businesses around the globe. From the very beginning, GTAG has set out to build a new kind of telecommunication consulting that is more valuable than what is typically seen in the telecom world.

Recognizing that most telecom consultancy groups function by advising a client to go with a particular solution that meets their needs, but then drops out of the picture after that contract is procured, GTAG has set out to form a company that takes that service much further. GTAG not only works to connect the client with the right solution, they also work to carry out and manage that contract on behalf of the client for the entire life of the contract. In return, this saves their clients valuable time and money by meeting with the carriers, assessing and evaluating each carrier as it relates to the particular need, procuring the contract and finally managing those carriers to the expectations of the project’s time lines – all on behalf of the client.

The goal at GTAG is to give you valuable TIME back while providing a better customer experience as it relates to buying, procuring, implementing and overall customer life-cycle management. They streamline this entire process by becoming your sole point of contact as an educated buyer and project manager that understands the challenges you face when it comes to implementing a new telecom solution, while taking the worry and stress out of the entire process.